Here’s how to take an online pregnancy test and find out if you’re expecting a baby.

When it comes to pregnancy, we know that most women get anxious and apprehensive.

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That’s because this is a moment that many have been waiting and planning for much of their lives. Others do not intend to get pregnant anytime soon.

In this case, taking a pregnancy test, whether pharmacy or laboratory is the way. However, it is now possible to take an online pregnancy test, right on your mobile phone.

That way, you can take the doubt faster.

However, these tests do not tell you how long you are pregnant. They only present, in percentage, how likely is to have a baby on the way.

And if you’re in doubt if you’re pregnant, we’ve set up some online pregnancy testing options to help you.

Some classic symptoms of pregnancy are nausea, increased appetite, cramps, tiredness, headache.

So if you are experiencing some of these symptoms, don’t waste time and take an online pregnancy test.

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When starting the test, simply answer the questions raised and, at the end, you see the result on the cell screen. See more.

The Pampers Quiz

Our first option is the pregnancy test of the famous brand of disposable diapers.

How to take a Online Pregnancy Test
How to take a Online Pregnancy Test

The test can be performed directly by the browser or also by mobile phone. Just access and start the quiz, answering the questions presented.

Among the questions, you should inform how long your period is delayed if you are sick.

As well as, one noticed some change in his body and change in mood, among others.

These issues are important to help the program understand if you have pregnancy symptoms.

After you answer the test, you need to provide your full name and email address.

Finally, the result will be presented and you will have more clarity about the possibility of expecting a baby.

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It is important to answer the questions truthfully, so that the test result is calculated correctly.


Another famous brand, Clearblue also has the online pregnancy test option on its website.

In the same way as the pampers test, when accessing the Clearblue website you will also need to answer a questionnaire with some important questions to determine the possibility of you being pregnant.

Among the questions, you should inform if your appetite has changed and if you are peeing more often.

Also in this part, you should inform if there was any change in mood and if you noticed anything different in your body.

All of this is a fundamental part of the test, so you’ll have the right percentage on the chance of being pregnant.

At the end of the test, the result will be displayed on the screen.

Finally, it is important to seek immediate contact with the doctor if the test is positive.

This is because it is essential to start prenatal care and have all the basic care so that there are no problems during this period.

So if you are feeling pregnant, don’t waste time and take an online pregnancy test.

That way, you’ll know if you’re about to become a mother.